we have produced Sanitizer in our lab and distributed free of cost: Prf. S M Abdur Rahman.

BDNewsExpress:Prf S M Abdur Rahman, Dean, Faculti of Pharmacy
University of Dhaka & Director (Acting) BIomefical Research Center said
University of Dhaka We started the preparation and distribution of Hand Sanitizer from 12 March. So far, we have produced about 4000 pc of Sanitizer in our lab and distributed free of cost to students, teachers, officers, other stuffs of University, rickshaw pullers around University, medical doctors, police and other people. We also provided training, free consultancy services and advices for preparation of Hand Sanitizers to many NGOs, organisations, universities, student organisations etc. A Pharmaceutical Industry is soon going to prepare Sanitizes in bulk amount within few days following our procedures and suggestions to meet the social demand. Personnel from a food and chemical industry was trained and guided to prepare it. They will do it for supplying sanitizers to their networks and stakeholders ( not commercial). Following us, 39 Pharmacy Departments in different universities of Bangladesh and other departments also started preparing and distributing hand sanitizers and hand rub to the community. I knew that one of our ex-colleague who is working in a University in US is making hand sanitizers in his lab. 

We started our journey with our own pocket money. During this time, some big hearted people and organisations came forward to help us financially. Dr Abu Ahsan Babu of social science faculty acted as a genuine social helper; Beacon pharmaceuticals, Akiz group and Bangladesh police also contributed to help us. Prf. A. B. M. Faruk, Prf Dr Firoz Ahmed, Dr Abdul Muhit, Dr Zahir Raihan, Dr Nahid Sharmin, Dr Raihan Sarkar, Dr Shiplu and other faculty members, and most importantly the students and stuff of Faculty of Pharmacy and BIomefical Resaerch Center are sincerely involved to do this great work for community under this severe adverse situation of Covid 19 outbreak. We also express our thanks and gratitude to University authority, the honorable VC Sir and other teachers, stuffs and students who encouraged us greatly. We are continuing our work and working to spread it to others so that we can meet the social need of sanitizers.

Prf S M Abdur Rahman
Dean, Faculti of Pharmacy
University of Dhaka
Director (Acting)
BIomefical Research Center
University of Dhaka